Why Black Women Are Single and Not Worth Dating…

In case you were wondering…

"Black Women Make The Best Mothers"

 Whoever told that lie is obviously crazed and confused.  Black Women often make the worst mothers as they choose to have children before getting married and wonder why the man (who never meant to marry them in the first place) left.  Then hold a great deal of anger towards all Black Men for her poor choices and often (As a single Black Mother) will express her anger, attitude, distaste of Black Men on her sons and daughters.  Those are often the ones you will see booty shaking at very young ages on youtube (Like Mother Like Daughter), or realizing the poor parenting, the Black Son will grow up and choose a loving and nurturing wife who doesn’t get loud or scream and has an inner strength as oppose to an “outward attitude” (IE. Non Black Women).

“Black Men Always Date Fat White Girls”

 Actually that is untrue.  Most Black Men prefer fit and attractive Women of All Races.  Besides, there are more Obese Black Women than any woman of any other culture in America.  In addition, I have seen more Black Men Settling for Obese Black Women than I have seen Black Men with White Women that are holding on to a few extra pounds.

Ms. Independent Needs No One

 Angry, Independent, Man-like Women wonder why they can’t find a man.  How can you be Independent and Codependent (In a relationship) at the same time?  You can’t, and you haven’t figured that out yet.  Most Men don’t want a career woman, they want a good woman with a positive and submissive attitude (Positive and submissive does not mean weak as most black women think).

Thick Does Not Mean Obese

 Over 50% of Black Women are obese and they wonder why they are still single.  Most Men of ALL RACES prefer an attractive and fit woman.

Many Black Women Just Look Like Men

 Pretty Self Explanatory


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